Sunday, 24 November 2013

Tipping point in the Ukraine. UPDATED

World power is shifting from America but will some go to Russia?   Russia is in a weak position economically despite recent status gains in the mid east.  Especially so because the price of oil and gas affects a third of the country's income and the new supplies from fracking in North America are hurting prices for Russia.  Right now, the Ukraine is the pivot, bigger than the Syria poison gas brokering and bigger than arms contracts in Egypt that displace American ties.  The Ukraine is on the brink of joining the EU. Or not.

"Ukraine's leaders announced suddenly last week that they were pulling out of the EU agreement, saying the country could not afford to break trade ties with Russia".
Ukraine's citizens by the tens of thousands announced today that they disagree.

UPDATE November 30th.  See comments by Gerry below.  May be "the greatest uncovered media event of the last decade." 

Today it's tear gas.  We may also speculate that some Ukrainian leaders are on track to become unexpectedly wealthy.

It's like a curtain coming down.

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