Tuesday, 17 December 2013

1-2-3-4, Who ya gonna vote for?

Thanks to the Harper government, Canada continues to gain over the US in economic freedom and the prosperity it brings.  Even with this advantage, PEI and NS are still the bottom jurisdictions in North America. The Fraser Institute reminds us to vote for candidates who respect your freedom to pursue what's good for you and your family.


The little bar graph won't strain the intellect of a Grade Six scholar.  The short red bar on the left is for intrusive government and want. The tall blue bar is for greater freedom and personal prosperity. AB and SK are blue.

The Fraser Institute's annual review is out again.  Alberta wins by every metric and when you count in the benefits of our somewhat conservative national government, Saskatchewan joins it for top place in North America.  This isn't about having oil and gas, it's about citizens having choice and prospering because of it.  Despite the blessing of the Canadian umbrella and despite having been the birthplace of confederation, Prince Edward Island and its neighbour Nova Scotia are the bottom jurisdictions in North America for economic freedom.

From page 20 of the report:
"In some ways it is surprising the debate still rages because the evidence and theory favoring economic freedom match intuition:  it makes sense that the drive and ingenuity of individuals will produce better outcomes through the mechanism of mutually beneficial exchange than the designs of a small coterie of government planners, who can hardly have knowledge of everyone's values and who, being human, are likely to consider first their own well-being and that of the constituencies they must please when making decisions for all of us.

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