Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Cabinet shuffles are more fun in Denmark

Michelle's sour face as she bumped her husband from sitting next to the beautiful PM of Denmark set me looking for more Thorning photos. What I discovered is that cabinet shuffles in Denmark are more fun than Canadian, but Canadian shuffles look like a party compared to the American sense of ceremony which is more suited to guest choral groups in a seniors home. A little happiness, informality and a lighter touch on security look well on a leader.
Yes, that is Ms Thorning-Schmidt, PM, in the white.
A lean team. More than just token males.
It's possible to look like Sarah Palin and be respected.
Smiles, a crowded bench. July 2013
A stouter team. An awkward bit of tie.
EPA and Budget appointments. HO HUM.
As a footnote, the entertaining three-photo sequence from the Mandela memorial which ends with Mrs. B.H. Obama looking askance at the blonde PM after getting her husband to trade places.  Soap opera at its best.

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