Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Politically correct toilets for a nation of Sitzpinklers

High-tone coffee shops and delis want to make women out of men.  They refuse to offer a urinal, one of the most practical and sanitary inventions in the history of plumbing.  Grab bars, expensive tiles and taps, and custom sinks for wheelchairs get the money.  The urinal is verboten.  Thank the Germans for inventing the term, "Sitzpinkler" for men who have to sit to tinkle.  The banned urinal calls for half the time and, being touch-less, is far cleaner.

Why are these men's washrooms designed firstly for women and the handicapped and lastly for the main customer?   To walk into the washroom at Starbucks is to walk into a sermon on political correctness, a sermon I can't escape by plugging my ears.

German humour about Sitzpinklers.

Men's washroom at the Las Vegas Hilton.

"In German, the phrase for someone who sits and urinates; a "Sitzpinkler", is equivalent to wimp, wuss or pussy."

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