Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Serve them right if Harper resigns.

If the rumour-mongerers prove prescient, it serves them right.  If our PM deliberately renews the leadership of the Conservative Party (and then resigns), the man they call names and despise could send them tumbling. Picture the tug of war with a leader on one end of the rope and a press gang tugging away on the other end to bring him low.  If he lets go, its their own rabble that falls. Those catcalls about "despot, tyrant, criminal, corrupt and power-hungry" would come to nothing.  I suspect name-callers of harbouring the sins they charge others with.

I'm happy to picture the honeymoon glow for a new Conservative leader just as the next federal election arrives.  More voters are swayed by the personal than policy.

Best PM in my lifetime.

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