Friday, 3 January 2014

China: Enemy of our Enemy. UPDATE

China was with "the gooks" for the Korean War. The news you haven't read is that North Korea has threatened to turn its nukes towards China.  And China is cutting the ingrates loose.  Their number one trading contact with North Korea was Kim Jong Un's uncle.  Jang Song Thaek, the #2 man in Korea, along with five aides, was fed alive to dogs on December 12th in front of Kim and 300 nervously watching officials.  The gloves have come off, first with an article in China's official organ in Hong Kong revealing the atrocity and a follow-up calling for an end to coddling North Korea.  Also, on December 13th, China got in touch with Russia's foreign minister and sent an ambassador express to Moscow.  These are North Korea's two alien neighbours.  China is giving up on influencing the Kim John Un regime.

From The Straits Times article (h/t barrelstrength):

When the son, Kim Jong Il, took over the helm, he did not hide the fact that his nuclear weapons could be used against China.Dr Xue Litai, a research fellow at Stanford University's Centre for International Security and Cooperation at the time, disclosed that he received further confirmation from an American source who accompanied former US president Bill Clinton in his visit to Pyongyang in 2009. According to the source, a North Korean senior official told Mr Clinton that their nuclear weapons could not reach the US but could be "pointed West" in the direction of the Chinese mainland.

UPDATE: Maybe no atrocity after all. Just a simple tyrannical execution.  Rest of the story stands.

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