Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Living happily ever after both a bug and a feature

A year from now, your life expectancy will be more than it is today. DNA upgrades to your genome, skin and heart muscle rejuvenated by your own stem cells and medical cleverness will do this.   There will be no birthday congratulations from Canada's monarch until you hit the big 120.  This is a feature and a bug.

It's a feature to live long and well.  Just as 60 is the new 50, we'll be saying 100 is the new 80.   I've a half dozen friends and relations in the 95-100 range already.

It's a bug to pay for those extra 20 or 30 years from savings and pensions which were designed with the idea you'd drop dead long before.   Something has got to live.  Will the cost of living drop? Will high-tech do-it-yourself health care be cheap?  Will our work life stretch for decades more?  Will it be easier to accumulate riches?  Will we fade away in grey and wrinkled poverty?  I'm optimistic and maybe ahead of the curve.  Public policy will begin dealing with this soon.

How will we sort that out?

Image of King George V and centenarian from The Daily Mail.

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