Saturday, 4 January 2014

SIngle Payer: Democrats will double down, not back down, in 2014.

In 2014, the Elect on the Left are going to double down for "MORE" not "Less" as the train wreck of Affordable Care insurance hits Americans.  Instead of learning from error and saying "Sorry", expect SINGLE PAYER to be the brass balls mantra.   Republicans and Libertarians who look forward in 2014 to delivering a come-uppance at the ballot box underestimate the voters' readiness to fall for the line, "We shouldn't have compromised". Like others who make excuse that true Communism or true Christianity has never been tried, the radical left in ascendancy will claim True Health Care for the Poor and Sick has never been tried.  Gentle Reader, prepare for that sinking chill in your stomach as you read stories you thought no one would have the brass balls to write -- that the Affordable Health Care act didn't go far enough... that all the teething problems of the ACA are caused by recalcitrant Republicans who held up progress.

ACA aka Oobleck
Dr Seuss created the character of King Didymus who called for Oobleck and when it came and proved a disaster, reluctantly said "Sorry" and spared his people.  You should hope Sebelius or Obama have such a heart.

The reality is closer to the oblivious biker in Hunter Thompson's "Hell's Angels" who almost died swallowing a tsunami of unknown drugs. Two weeks later, instead of learning wisdom from his folly, he said:  "The incident had taught him a valuablelesson: he no longer had to worry about what kind of pills he ate, because his body could handle anything he put into it".    That will be the struggle in 2014, to refute the voices in the Democrat party who double down instead of back down.

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