Sunday, 19 January 2014

Small is still beautiful: Richest nations are among the smallest.

Facts aren't with the pessimists who say the world is run by the US, the EU, China, OPEC and giant corporations.  Little Iceland recovered because it broke with the EU and the ten richest nations on earth are some of the smallest as Daniel Hannan points out in the Telegraph:
"The wealthiest states on Earth, measured by per capita GDP, are Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Norway, Qatar, Switzerland, Macau, Australia, the UAE, Kuwait, Sweden, San Marino and Jersey".
If you use a different set of data for 2013, Canada is at #11 and the US at #7 but there's another half dozen tiny countries in the first twenty.   It's fair to say Canada is among the smallest by population.
Bigger doesn't mean better

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