Thursday, 23 January 2014

The twenty first century will be Canada's

Canada, Australia, New Zealand and two tiny city states (Singapore and Hong Kong) are the easiest places on earth to start a new business.  The once great United States has fallen to 20th place in this World Bank survey, behind such stalwarts as Armenia, Azerbaijan and Malaysia.   Starting a business means getting prodded, delayed and taxed by bureaucrats before you can turn on the lights.  (The same applies at the other end when you have to downsize or shut a business.  It can take years and bankrupt you in some countries.)

The chart means Canada should network with the other top four.  They are tucked by the edge of up-and-coming but badly-run China and Canada is cozied up against the other somewhat badly-run super power. Canada, a former British dominion, has location-location-location.   Network with the city states and Britain's former dominions in the south seas.   A trading empire doesn't have to be a military one.  Remember a few centuries ago when Amsterdam, London , tiny Portugal and Spain were the heartbeat of world commerce?

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