Saturday, 4 January 2014

Toronto losing notoriety: De Blasio bumps Ford from news cycle.

New York's new mayor, when asked what he was wearing to keep warm, offered to strip, "Do you want me to go further?", while a couple dozen reporters looked at each other in disbelief. That's his fourth day in office.  Plus outlawing carriage rides in Central Park, "for the horses".Despite Rob Ford's noble effort to stay on top of the news cycle, four days into a four year term, it looks like New York's mayor will be at the top of the outrage cycle for some time. The tone of the inauguration was mostly "graceless and smug" says the NYT.  "Plantation", "inequality", and ACORN-love got the high five.   Bill is "an unrepentant supporter of ACORN and Occupy Wall Street".  ACORN accepts credit for getting him in office.  "We're baaack" as Bertha Lewis said.

He'll probably help reduce the number of Democrats in the Senate and the White House by being a high-profile failure with hard left branding.  Front Page Mazagine summarizes:

"When they put de Blasio in Gracie Mansion, New Yorkers opted for socialist chaos and decline — and that’s exactly what they’re going to get".
Remember when Mayor Bloomberg was the Nanny State guy who banned Big Gulps?  Those were the good days.  The people have spoken.

A notorious Rob Ford will do more for Toronto than a Wilhelm-De-Blasio on his best behaviour could ever do for New York.

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