Friday, 21 February 2014

Cheer Canada's hockey team. Promote world peace.

Go Canada Go!  At Sochi our men are in the third period as I type.

Brag up Canada and make the world a safer place. A cornucopia of nations is better for world peace than One World hype for the UN and EU and everything supranational.  Canadian Cincinnatus summarizes:
 "I don’t think it is a coincidence that the people rooting for a transnational superstate are big government types of one sort or the other. And fans of small, decentralized government tend to be nationalists".
 He links to Daniel Hamman's Telegraph story:
“Nationalism (is) the drive of people of the same language-group to form independent and unitary states". Nationalism in this sense was a direct consequence of democracy. When Europe was a patchwork of dynastic territories, formed by conquest, marriage and happenstance, it never occurred to anyone to let people decide which state to belong to".
"Our sense of common identity makes us willing to accept election results when we voted for the losers, pay taxes to support strangers, and obey laws with which we disagree.”
"Those who have done most to threaten peace, far from being nationalists, are usually proponents of trans-national ideologies. The Islamists today, like the Nazis and Soviets before them, claim to answer to a higher doctrine than the established rules of territorial jurisdiction and national sovereignty. The nation-state, rooted as it is in old loyalties, tends to be the surest defence against these enthusiasms.”
In Canada, the provinces should be standing firm against Ottawa for the right to make their own mistakes.  The United States does best as a federation of states and worst as a Big Brother Votapalooza centred in Washington DC.   And the mother-knows-best types that ban your best value light bulbs should honour our view.

UPDATE: We won!  The world is a better place.
Footnote: Christianity didn't make the list but has a strong supranational side as well.

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