Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Costco hearing aids - professional and the best deal. See photo with prices.

This is my second time to pick up a set of hearing aids from Costco.  People are still surprised to hear that Costco sells them.  Most don't know there are trained audiologists and technicians in every store that handles them. The photo with prices is from their display case in one BC store.  Everything is up front and open with prices clearly marked. I believe the Kirkland unit is a re-branding of ReSound.  You will need to make an appointment for up to an hour and a half. Testing includes the standard pitch-and-volume test done with an earphone and then re-done with direct-to-bone transmission, followed by discrimination with different background "white noises" that hiss or sound like traffic, followed by discrimination between various consonants at the same volume level and quizzing about your comfort levels for sound.  Prepay if you like their recommendation and pick it up two weeks later.    See link to "Why Costco rules in hearing aids as well as gummy bears" in Business Week.

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