Friday, 7 March 2014

Trudeau fils or Harper (rinse and repeat)?

I admire Stephen Harper but like Beethoven too.  Ludwig won't be our next PM and Stephen is no shoo-in either. Justin will have the edge for likeability, the change vote and lost liberals looking for a home. Stephen has the edge for character, policy and experience.  Justin will do better in a boxing match while Stephen tickles the ivories with panache. Does it matter?  20% of the electorate swings in a fortnight over cancer, faked expenses or a rumoured affair.

Not one of us gets to vote for head of government, not even in ridings from which representatives Trudeau and Harper will advance.  That's decided in a Party meeting we don't attend.  If you want a better leader, change the Party.  Change policy and appointments at the Party level in ridings and in national conventions. Voting in national elections for a representative instead of a leader does less.

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