Wednesday, 28 May 2014

I love capitalism

My prosperous neighbours seem to hate it but I love capitalism.  What the heck do they think it is?  In their lives they feel free to use their time and assets to prosper their family, and why shouldn't they? A financial guy and a professional guy expressed their disdain of capitalism to me recently at dinner.   Is their scorn for capitalism a moral judgement on the greedy with the presumption that those who prosper most covet most?  The history of philanthropy disproves it.   Is it contempt for the three BIGS who rig the markets, big business, big labour and big government?  That's not capitalism. Those are the three tools that  subvert it.

The free-est markets I've ever seen are yard sales.  People sell what they want where they wish and make deals with each other, even re-selling to newcomers as they walk back to the car with their prize.

From the Merriam Webster dictionary:  Generally your choices instead of the government's and mainly free markets.  In a civil society.

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