Thursday, 22 May 2014

No Money, Honey. VA Bad Behaviour Prompted by Insolvency. UPDATE

Behind the secret wait lists for US veterans is a simple story:   The outpatient demand doubled in the last ten years and funding didn't match.  "The root of the scandal is not what self-serving bureaucrats failed to do or tried to cover up; it is a federal budget that prevents us from meeting even the national needs on which our polarized political parties can agree."  The money is running out.   See story by William Galston linked at Instapundit.

Veteran support is an adjunct of defense policy and is a core duty of government.
Unlike Galston, I think bad behaviour is as big a problem as insolvency.  Integrity matters.

UPDATE:  The VA funding is complex and has gone up a lot when other agency funding did not.  See article at Hot Air.

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