Saturday, 24 May 2014

Science discovers renewal, not extinction is in the driver's seat. Sorry, lefties.

All over the world, niches full of critters have just as many kinds now as decades ago,  or even more.  The news is that those tear-jerking extinctions you read about are the small part of the tale.  The large part is change, that those ecological communities are forming and reforming and changing again, often with different players from the ones you knew as a kid.

From the abstract:  Scientists re-examined 100 world-wide monitoring studies and were surprised to discover that, over decades, the number of species in many places has not changed much -- or has increased. But the researchers did discover that almost 80% of the communities showed changes in species composition. This shows that a rapid global turnover of species is happening, resulting in novel biological communities.

It's not about redistributing the old pie but making new pie.

The left view that man is a destructive interloper who needs to be humbled and to give up liberties is a rehash of the doctrine of original sin, but without a redeemer.  Change and re-creation is the norm and you can't stop it.  Protests about saving minnows and birdies are like zoning regulations,  a plan to keep everything the same as it was, that is, the same as it was right after you moved into the neighbourhood.

Going the way of the Dodo and going the way of the dinosaurs is the same death road.  Man didn't mess it up for the sauropods.   When man spread, so also did starlings, coconut palms and wild mustard.  They prospered while Dodos were clubbed and shot.  Facing change and complexity is helpful.  Promoting the sinfulness of man and the cure-by-government-run-by-smart-superior-people is not.

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