Friday, 23 May 2014

UKIP Farage takes lesson from Canada

On the eve of Nigel Farage's triumph Sunday in the Euro elections, it's nice to remember he takes lessons from Preston Manning and the reverse takeover of the Conservative party.   Example one: his decision not to run for a safe seat was modelled on Manning's decision to let Deborah Grey keep  first chance at it.  That turned out well.  Example two:  Farage may see the Reform/Alliance experience applying to the Conservative party in the UK.   smalldeadanimals linked this yesterday.

Nigel Farage made news today saying "the Ukip fox is in the Westminster chicken house" after winning a substantial number of council seats.   This goes double for the EU parliament when Nigel is no longer the gadfly but the official face of Great Britain.

Then there's this shock opinion from Lib Dem MP and former minister,  Jeremy Browne, who said "Mr Farage was a rare politician who, like Alex Salmond or Boris Johnson, had an air of authenticity and did not sound like he was part of “a hectoring, out-of-touch elite”. “People have a sense with them that they are saying what they fundamentally believe in.”         Politicians who generally say what they fundamentally believe in, sounds about right.

Of course, politicians disappoint over time, but I like this man's ability to smile freely when others reflect what they think people want to see. (Justin Trudeau and Barry Soetero come to mind.)

Taken Friday.  If you're interested look up the mostly smooth
indeterminate faces of the other leaders voting.

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