Monday, 2 June 2014

Angelina Jolie`s nose and the brains of a professor, coming to a crib near you.

DNA and reproductive technology predict the future:  We will have more choice but end up more alike than ever.  Can we even breed for voting tendency?   We will be like those monoculture fields of corn or beets of just a few genotypes, the ones you find on the seed shelf at the farmer's co-op.  Given the choice, there will be more blondies with noses like Angelina Jolie and more broad-shouldered dudes with near genius IQs.  This Atlantic article on where we`re heading with reproductive choice gets into the topic in section five.

I apologize for the misleading suggestion that professors are smarter than average people.  Their politics and 97% rate of agreement on global something suggest much is wrong in that department.

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