Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Catch 22: Corrupted DOJ outwits Investigators

Remember the 21 disks of Tea Party tax files the IRS forwarded to FBI illegally?  There's a beautiful Catch 22 to the story, posted at powerlineblog and summarized in part here.  First the Department of Justice spent a year ignoring three subpoenas to avoid disclosing the outlaw transmission. Then June 2nd the DOJ produced the disks but said there was nothing naughty on them.  Two days later the DOJ says "the disks actually include confidential taxpayer information that was given to the FBI in violation of federal law.  This is a serious matter; violation of the applicable statute carries a penalty of five years in prison."

Here is the catch:  Because of this notification June 4th, it is illegal for anyone to look at the disks to see if there is anything illegal on them. Sleazy, brilliant.

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