Monday, 16 June 2014

"Clanking of the swords" though bloody is an ISIS movie, not a news report.

Difficult to watch this ISIS self-promotion video.
Drive by murders of unarmed men in cars looks like a video game gone horribly wrong.
And it's celebrated in Allah's name.

1.  This is a movie, not a news report.  It's purpose is to alarm and demoralize the enemy (that includes you, dear reader). It's purpose is to recruit young hot heads.  Works on both levels.
2.   Note that some of the warriors are kitted out professionally and have infrared goggles being used for night raids.  The preponderance of newspaper photos shows a rather rag tag lot of men but this one hour video shows a high percentage with professional uniforms.
3.   Note that every time something goes kaboom, it is presented three times with slow motion added.  This means the supply of actual events was much smaller than the promoters want us to believe.
4.   There are some professional values in the movie like the closing scene of the flag carrier walking majestically, split screens showing a prisoner now and in his public life, lots of Islamic quotes with subtitles and a near continuous musical score with chanting.
5.    The score had to have been mostly written before the attacks began.  The loader being used to tear down barracks didn't just happen to be handy. To embed video clips of prisoners from before they were captured and to do it while the action was still happening bespeaks a significant budget and priority being given to the film makers.
6.    The leader who rants and then pulls out his sword that a second person appears to have been holding in readiness ... makes me think of Attila the Hun.   That invasion fell apart since it wasn't designed to hold territory but that didn't happen overnight.
7.     If you've watched other Middle East preaching clips on MEMRI, you'll appreciate that ranting with "death to infidels and sons of monkeys" rhetoric is a skill set widely employed by Islamic notables.  The ranter picks up the mike and keys in the rant program.
8.     Killing  is glorified.  This isn't something new.  It's Islam from day one.      "Honour" is repeatedly mentioned because Arab culture is an honour culture.  It doesn't mean what you think it means.
9.     Notice the laptop with a personnel database being used at a check point.  This is US technique being used in the confusion of battle and likely includes stolen information.  This is high end technology that was put in place with advance planning and money.
10.   Loot is an effective financing technique.  Today's news shows Hummers being transported back to Syria from Iraq by the terrorists.  Yesterday's stories report hundreds of millions of dollars falling into the warrior's war chest.
11.   The military vehicles that are destroyed are taken out by roadside bombs in some cases and by RPG's and by high power guns.  The new factor seems to be more guns capable of damaging military vehicles.
12.   There are a couple repentance meetings available to those who aren't being killed immediately.  This is old fashioned conversion at the point of the sword which got Islam started in the first place.
13.    The warrior's ferocity is directed almost entirely at Shia Muslims.
14.    Their creed is supranational.  There are two scenes involved with destroying passports.

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