Saturday, 7 June 2014

Google satellites will compete with Big Brother

Google has announced a $1 billion plus plan to circle the globe with hundreds of low-orbit quick-ping satellites.  Privately owned-satellites parked above Tiananmen square, Tehran and Pyongyang point to governments losing control over what their captive populations see and hear.   They also point to "the other three billion" people on earth getting convenient affordable communications and internet access. (This is the stated business plan from Google. It started with the o3b network.)  Google also complicates the picture by introducing more competition for snooping on us.  Google, the NSA, the GPS people, and all the broadband satellite companies have competing business models.  They will still know far more about us and than we consider decent but the divided ownership will give us more options.

It's probably going to be cheaper too.
And have fewer blank spots where some government says "Don't peek".
Military implications.

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