Sunday, 29 June 2014

Obama joke: Guy walks into a bar with an orange for a head. Alternate lede: The Perversity of Human Nature.

Andrew Klavan reports the ultimate joke about Obama. 
The Canadian version would mention the Northern Gateway pipeline.
The opening line:
A man walks into a bar. He has an orange for a head. The bartender pours him a drink and says: “So—you want to tell me about it?”
It's a three wishes story.
First wish: A million bucks.
Second wish:  Sex with Playboy pinups.

"I went back to the genie a third time,” says the man with an orange for a head, “and I think this may have been where I made my mistake.”“What did you do?” says the bartender.
“I wished to have an orange for a head.”

Andrew explains it:
Andrew Klavan

"Consider .. the earth....., presenting us with the Promethean gift of fuels that elevate us beyond the imaginations of our ancestors. Our response? We nurture a superstitious dread of oil and coal and promulgate pseudoscientific disaster scenarios meant to teach panic and to quench the very fire of our freedom. Or consider ... that we were born into the freest, strongest, and wealthiest nation that mankind has ever known—and elected as our president a man who promised to “fundamentally transform” it."

When you shake you head at what the American electorate goes for, it's human nature you're quibble is disputing.  Remember a third of America thinks Obama didn't go far enough.   We don't have Obama but we have Canadian voters.  I'm not smarter than them.

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