Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Obama Presidency: Perverse in ways no other country in history would contemplate.

Paul Mirengoff at Powerline supplies the headline.

"Any country might do a prisoner swap, even if it meant freeing very bad people. But only an exceptional country would swap five leading terrorists in exchange for a deserter.
Any second-rate county might screw up in providing medical treatment for its veterans. But only an exceptional country would do so while at the same time providing a sex change operation for an ex-soldier who betrayed his country.
What Obama really believes in, of course, is his own exceptionalism. This belief is fully justified.
President Obama believes in American exceptionalism — his own version, in which American does things so perverse that no other country in history would even contemplate them."
Paul adds about Bergdahls:  Appeases a deadly enemy, makes like more dangerous for an ally we are about to abandon,  disregards American law, and does it on behalf of jihad sympathizers.   That warm hug with Obama was beyond inappropriate and topped off with Islamic praise in the Pashto language, the language of an enemy to whom Bergdahl fils apparently gave bomb making instruction.

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