Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Tax Freedom Day calculator - too easy not to try.

Each year, when do you start working for yourself and family instead of government?  Thirty seconds with the Fraser Institute calculator shows you.  There's a tiny edge in your favour.  And a bigger edge to lucky you in Alberta.

Your employer is held hostage to take part of your earnings and send them monthly to government, to take earnings you never see or touch or spend or make any choices with.  In other words, it's not yours at all, you didn't really earn it.  If government had to persuade millions of employed citizens to send their fair share after they banked their wages, provincial and federal budgets would be tighter and respect for your views a little bit higher.

What's included in tax?
All taxes from all levels of government that Canadians pay. This includes: income & sales taxes; liquor, tobacco, amusement & other excise taxes; automobile, fuel, & motor vehicle licence taxes; CPP/QPP and EI contributions, medical & hospital taxes; property taxes; import duties; profit taxes; and natural resource levies.

Step 1:
Where do you live?
 Nova Scotia
 New Brunswick
 British Columbia
Step 2: Complete this form
(see note below regarding privacy)
Age of Household Head
Sex of Household Head
Married (or common-law) and living together?
Number of dependent children in household
(Before Taxes)
(Due to sample size limitations, please enter an income above $20,000 or below $150,000. Do not use a comma.)


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