Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Tracking tag on Great White Shark points to giant predator.

A three meter Great White Shark was tagged and disappeared.  Months later the device, still functioning, washed up on an Australian beach.  Data showed the Great White suddenly accelerated to a depth of 580 metres and the surrounding temperature rose from 7C to 25C.    Something really big grabbed it, dragged it 1900 feet below the surface of the ocean and warmed the device by sticking it and the aforementioned shark in its belly.  What ate the shark?

I like how a bloody death is inferred from such a harmless digital file.  If you read the article, it becomes clear that this happened 11 years ago and the reason we are reading about it today is promotion for a movie, "Hunt for the Super Predator" due to air on the Smithsonian Channel June 26th.
Great link bait photo used by The Independent in its story. See link.

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