Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Be humble: Chimps with a fashion fad, Snow Monkey with a stolen iphone are just a baby step away.

Whether "Homo Sapiens (the wise one) or more accurately, a featherless biped, we are not far removed from our simian cousins.  Be humble. You'll never forget this snow monkey checking out his stolen iphone.

Link to Van Oosten's photo and story.

Then there's the chimp who started a fashion trend in her band.  She took to tucking a straw in her ear every day.  Her son followed suit every day and soon her neighbours too. For the life of me, I see no difference in nose piercing and butterfly tattoos.

Then there are the chimps who have a far better memory than we do for numbers (19 in a row, even when hidden after a glimpse).
Story at The Daily Mail

We should be humble. We are easy to deceive and lead about,
witness magic shows, hypnotists, the IPCC, and socialist

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