Friday, 25 July 2014

Bring back Exclusive. Touchy-feely Inclusive Politics is inadequate.

I like exclusive.  The nattering about being inclusive to shame people into giving up what's theirs has gone too far.  If you want to come into our country, ask permission first.  If you want to use my stuff or walk into my house, you'd better ask permission first.
Notice that diamond on my wife's finger? Be warned that you are looking at an exclusive relationship.  I won't be sharing or be shared, either.  There's no free love or open marriage here.  Exclusive, no-trespassing-by-strangers is exactly the exclusive way it's going to stay.

Inclusive is good too but watching the deliberate destruction of the US southern border shows it has gone too far.  Inclusive doesn't mean my beliefs and conclusions must be blenderized with those of our enemies until the only "right thinking" option is to think like a left-embedded professor.
Is the problem that private property
is hated by Marxists?

The same folly condemns all discrimination.  We are now urged to be indiscriminate.  The indiscriminate are unable to evaluate and choose between other beliefs and other cultures.  It so happens "Anything goes" and "They're equally valid" is an easy position to adopt but it isn't true.   I don't have to think to say, "All of the above" when presented with choices between good and evil and the ten thousand shades between.

Be exclusive and discriminate too.

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