Wednesday, 16 July 2014

In BC, we want our money back. We paid for teachers in June and didn't get them.

The Canadian Taxpayers Federation puts it plainly: 
"It’s no different than if your barber refused to cut your hair, you wouldn’t pay them anyway – you’d want your money back." 
“Government needs to feel the cold hard grip of fiscal restraint to stay the course and negotiate a fair, affordable deal for taxpayers,” said Bateman. “This money belongs to B.C. taxpayers – not teachers or the government. The BCTF shouldn’t be rewarded with this money as part of their negotiations. This $200 million should be rebated to the taxpayers who paid it in the first place.”
Petition here.  A family of four would be entitled to $160 back.  That money was taken from us for a purpose and neither the government nor the BCTF has any right to channel it to their pockets.
a citizens advocacy group dedicated to lower taxes,
less waste and accountable government.

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