Friday, 11 July 2014

Israel is Winning.

Short term, Israel will win a war of attrition with Hamas.  As David Goldman writes, there wasn't a free table on the terrace at hundreds of Tel Aviv restaurants at the same time as Hamas, out of weakness, was lobbing rockets their way.
There will be no Intifada on the West Bank: the Palestinian Arabs are older, more resigned and less inclined to destroy their livelihoods than in 2000. Syria and Iraq continue to disintegrate, Lebanon is inundated with Syrian Sunni refugees (weakening Hezbollah’s relative position), and Jordan is looking to Israel to protect it against ISIS. Egypt is busy trying to survive economically.
Medium term, Israel is winning in the market place and becoming a regional power.
Medium-term, the boycott and BDS threat become irrelevant. “Startup nation” is becoming market-cap nation as hundreds of Israeli firms exit the venture capital stage and become profitable, mature enterprises. There’s never been anything like this. India and China beckon with a combined market of 2.5 billion people. To the extent that the Europeans threaten Israel with sanctions, the term “Middle East” gradually will be replaced by “Western Asia.”
Israel is becoming worldwide the go-to place for military tech since their enemies have forced them to excel.  Think India, Algeria and Egypt, the UAR, Pakistan, Turkey, both the US and China.

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