Saturday, 19 July 2014

The politically correct want the crown but will have to fight family, race, faith and nationality for it.

Politically correct pundits attack race loyalty and Christianity because the lesser fear the greater.  They scorn kinship and pregnancy because family loyalty trumps clique allegiance.  The PC movement has also has turned its back on the nation state, scorning patriotism, despising armies, and mocking border security.  However,  PC doesn't openly attack the nation state because their lips are latched on that government teat for funding and status.  The truth is, family, faith, ethnic background and patriotism are enemies of the politically correct.  Disguised in the term "politically correct"is the rise of situational ethics, cliques that network with social neighbours and determine truth by the praise they get from their own contact list.

The internet and social networking have given this fifth way a chance to restructure society.  It won't be going away and it isn't any better behaved when threatened than the other four.  You'll find more PC claptrap left of centre in politics but it isn't a new party, it's a metastasis of old-style group shaming.  It wants the crown of world government.

Situational ethics value situational goods,  status you get from your position vis a vis your neighbours.  This is a variation on the old kid's game, "King of the Castle".  The biggest kid in our neighbourhood would run to the top of the snow pile and chant: "I'm the king of the castle and you're the dirty rascal" until someone could push him off the peak.  "I recycle and compost and use natural fabrics and am a locavore vegetarian anti-war genius but you're a dirty rascal and a republican or conservative to boot".     "You only ban guns in schools but I ban even pointing a finger and saying 'bang' "
The King is In

Hang onto your faith.  Be proud of your ethnic roots.  Stand up for the national anthem.  Love and defend your family.  And if you in your wisdom want to rule the roost with politically-correct-brethren, go ahead and compete for the position but skip the righteous surprise when we push back to defend what we treasure.

Our civilisation is under attack, by the Islamic Reformation on one hand and Ad Hoc Shaming Networks jostling for money and power on the other.  If we defend against but one, we will lose to the other.

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