Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Advice to MIA Obama: Decapitate

Obama lacks more than a strategy, he doesn't even have an objective, as Krauthammer said.  My bloodthirsty advice is: Decapitate.  Do what Israel taught the Americans in Iraq, target the leaders of ISIS and take them out. "Decapitate" will send a nice little chill through the social media the jihadists read, it's easy to get your head around, and makes sense.  Their men who move money, set up logistic supply lines, produce scary recruiting videos, instruct bomb makers, and who have their finger on power, should perish.

Muslims Decapitate Franciscans Caught Preaching in Jerusalem

Make it personal.  It's kind of "limited" like the drone killings Obama okayed in Yemen and the millionaires he targeted in Russia after the Crimean invasion.  Just take a few more steps, Mr. Obama, and you'll have a policy.

It's complicated and involves many players who must pay a price, but America can clear the air by sounding the trumpet to do battle.

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