Saturday, 6 September 2014

Why are people so clean?

Why are so many people clean?  They shower, deodorize and add scents.  It wasn't always so. I think the reason is to conceal information about ourselves.   Most of us now live in cities and complexly interact with strangers.  We don't want them to know what the pores and glands on our body  advertise about sexual status, how hard we exert ourselves and the food we have access to. (Think farts).  We hide our stools (flushing is the modern way).
We now spend a lot of time inside the territories of strangers and much less in our own.   We don't just let our hair down at home.  We make loud noises in the bathroom, overlook some smelly armpits and burps and don't mind if there are lingering smells in the bedroom of sexual activity or the presence of a testosterone-smelling male.

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