Monday, 27 October 2014

Cup of cocoa, then bed, keeps you smart in the head.

A cup of hot cocoa with honey, sounds nice before bed.  Maybe it will also keep your memory from fading as you age. The study at Columbia showed significant memory improvement in a seniors group fed high-flavonol drinks derived from cocoa beans.  After three months, many had memories like 40 year olds instead of 60 year olds with brain change being noticed in the dentate gyrus.

Caveats:  "high-flavonol" isn't quite the same as "chocolate" and the study which used 37 senior volunteers should be replicated.

Excerpted from Science Daily News where you'll find more detail about the researchers and their results.

While revived faculties is the topic, I'll add some senior's humour:

"Auntie George and Uncle Mabel
Fainted at the breakfast table.
But Ovaltine has set them right
and now they do it morn and night,
and Uncle George is hoping soon
to do it in the afternoon"
                                                                               (Kudos to my late Aunt Nan)

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