Saturday, 25 October 2014

Is fatal cancer setting Putin's schedule of accelerated aggressions?

The New York Post publishes rumours pointing to spinal or pancreatic cancer that gives Vladimir Putin a short time to leave a legacy of strong borders and respect for Russia.   You may not like Russia but it does have hard-to-defend borders on the west, and impaired ocean access through the Black and Baltic seas.
If Putin doesn’t move to end the war in Ukraine in the wake of last week’s downing of a Malaysia Air jet in rebel-held territory, he risks becoming an international outcast, say Russian billionaires.
From the Financial Post

This can explain the brass balls threat of using nuclear weapons, expropriation of the Crimea, the pardon of Khodorkovsky, repeated air incursions into Japanese,  Nato  and American airspace and threats to the Baltic states. Is his face a little puffy from steroid treatments, the Post asks?

Rumours should be mistrusted but not ignored.   h/t HotAir for the link.


  1. I have also read this article - is it not ironic that he is taking treatment from an elderly, East German doctor (a left over from the good ole bad days) as his personal physician in this matter. Why would he not access the best of care - oh yeah, that would be American doctors in the USA. Almost funny if it was not so absurd. You would think this Russian Napoleon would want to extend his life, but he has burned every bridge to the West. What goes around comes around. Or better yet, schadenfreude Putin!!!

  2. Color me skeptical. The guy could buy off any doctor he wanted.