Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Networks give up on US election: Crickets

A chart to warm the cockles:   ABC  CBS and NBC have stopped reporting on the midterms, a total turn-coat operation compared to 2006 when it looked like their beloved Democrats were making a comeback.  Convincing evidence this is turning into a surge election.

"According to an exhaustive study performed by Media Research Center analysts, between September 1 and October 20, the three major broadcast networks only bothered to mention the fact that there is a critical election coming up only 25 times. Of those mentions, only 16 of them were in the context of packaged report.
By contrast, in the same period in 2006, when Democrats were believed to be likely to take control of both the House and Senate, the three major networks mentioned the coming midterms 159 times with 91 of those mentions broadcast as part of detailed reports."

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