Monday, 13 October 2014

Waste is essential when your time is short.

Waste and death are necessary to renew the bodies politic, and familiar. The church of the three R's (reduce, re-use, recycle) wants to hang onto what we have in this life but has no doctrine of heaven or hell.  If we soon find a way to put off death entirely, it will be to protect the wealth and world-view of aged women and men, not to usher in a golden age.

Death is a great waster, throwing away property, wisdom, experience, networks, character and beauty. It's left to mewling and puking babes to start over and renew everything in a few decades, and it works.  With my mom's passing went encyclopaedic knowledge of plant taxonomy in the Ottawa Valley and pick-your-own wild blueberry pie parties.  Dad departed with the genealogy of several hundred years
and radioactive tracer knowhow about the ADP-ATP energy packing molecule.  The flight from death is behind the multitudinous rules to eliminate risk from the playground, the supermarket, and in fact from everywhere.

Energy should be used liberally wherever abundant.  That means waste it, floor the pedal, dump the excess, enjoy it.   Remember e=mc2.     The bomb on Hiroshima released as much energy as is bound in a single blob of snot.  There is no shortage of energy, and never has been, or will be.  Reducing, Re-using and Re-cycling is a patchwork policy until access to abundant energy is improved.  Think cold fusion with a box buried in the back yard that can run your town for a hundred years.
New Yorker

Since I"m involved with the housing industry, I see a lot of plans including one this week for an expensive  cottage with triple exterior walls.  People are afraid to waste energy and go to great expense avoiding it.  They won't be getting that money back.   For half a million dollars, childless couples build 2500 square foot houses with R40 insulation values while old timers in the Chilcotin would leave the door of their two room un-insulated cabin open in winter because the wood stove was making them sweat.

Hindu belief has Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva  - Creator/Sustainer/Destroyer.  You've seen statues of the Kali version of the latter, ugly with many arms and the heads of its victims dangling. The three aspects of life are always present.  Our p.c. culture has been retreating onto an island of sustainability, nursing scarce resources, while outlawing risk and danger. Creativity and renewal through destruction of the old come from off island.

Faced with an abundance of stuff and a shortage of time, you must waste stuff to get value from your time.

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