Sunday, 9 November 2014

Climate craziness best predictor of your vote.

From WUWT this exit poll of republicans and democrats who were asked:  "Do you think climate change, also known as 'global warming' , is a serious problem?"

John Hinkeraker comments: "Why is global warming such a partisan issue? I think because there is hardly any evidence to support the alarmists’ case, so the whole thing is a matter of faith and politics, not science."

The voter split is bigger than the political party split and that goes for Canada too.   Even conservatives with a microphone give a lot of lip service to doing something about climate.


  1. I'm a Democrat who strongly believes that climate change is not a problem.

    1. Why is there such a difference? R and D voters don't differ that much in knowledge or education. Something cultural is driving this. Also the poll was specific to NY or one part of NY