Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Obama and the Monkees

Like the Monkees, Obama had wealthy sponsors with media ties.  'Creators' may be a better word than 'sponsors'.   Both were vaulted to stardom by them.  I prefer the Monkees.  They entertained and the force of law was not used to separate us from our money and liberty.   Obama's enablers have a lot to answer for.
From Victor Davis Hanson's column:  That he had no record of achievement was seen as an advantageous clean slate.  .Teleprompted glibness was preferred to ad hoc repartee, as if an entire presidency could be scripted and Photoshopped with backdrops of Greek columns and Latin mottos."   ..   He had at best a mediocre record as a state legislator and rookie senator. Yet he quickly dazzled the liberal establishment. Joe Biden and Harry Reid were wowed by his sounding and behaving like a white liberal, while retaining the ability to turn on his supposedly authentic black persona when needed. 

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