Sunday, 14 December 2014

Socialism will never go away and will never work.

We are socialized in a family, a top-down redistributive structure that works.  It works in a nuclear family until the beloved kids move out .  It somewhat works in a tribal group that shares a lot of DNA.  It's a colossal failure on the scale of the nation state and can't be fixed.  Our baked-in destiny is to keep believing that Socialism might work for the whole world and we will love one another as brothers and sisters.  It won't.  This is well put by Weirddave at the Ace of Spades link.

"Ordered liberty, free market capitalism, rule of law and other bottom up organizational methods are the aberration in human history. Humans are not wired to respond to these concepts the way they respond to a hierarchy. It's better for them, but it isn't instinctive."

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