Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Supply Meets Demand For Rape Tales.

A horrible thought, but the supply of rape stories in the news is going up as rapes in America have plunged by half.  My first reaction was disbelief that reported crimes of rape have plunged. It's true, a drop of 64% in less than fifteen years, as even The Huffington Post confirms. The gang-rape story from Lena Dunham in the Rolling Stone now looking shaky, is defended on grounds that no-one should doubt a woman.  Most men and women lie part of the time, that's life.  The feminist cadres are reporting that 20% of women are sexually abused, that there is a rape epidemic on campuses, and are turning regretted sexual activity into rape tales.   Hyperventilated mileage is extracted from a declining supply of crimes..  If they're right, we'd have notarized documents before making love and no parent in their right mind would send their daughters or sons to university.  I think the public is moving away from war-of-the-sexes feminism.   We haven't got to the point that the professionally outraged are Princesses who can't sleep because there's a pea under the mattress, but the nasty lumps under the mattress are smaller. University must be one of the tamest spots for sexual violence, They are in the news because that's where earnest people looking for tales to tell and tales to rally around are easiest found.  It's probably safer to walk around the UBC campus stark naked than to sit quietly in a rough part of East Hastings in Vancouver.

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