Sunday, 7 December 2014

There's No Middle in the USA

Crowdpac traced political donations of all major US industries.  There's hard left  (Entertainment, Media, Universities, Silicon Valley).  There's  a bit more moderate right (Farming, Mining,  Fuels, Property). The rest are bi-polar, divided in two opposing camps, "in the middle" only because neither party prevails.  You'd expect to see a bell curve of opinion but you'd be wrong.  There's no middle.  To say they are "in the middle" is like the joke:  How many testicles does the average Canadian have?  One.

The introductory chart shows industry averages.  Note the left is further to the left than the right is to the right.

The remaining charts at Business Insider display how partisan all industries are.
Unipolar, to the left.

Unipolar, to the right

Bipolar, no middle ground.

h/t smalldeadanials, link to Business Insider sourced from Crowdpac.

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