Tuesday, 23 December 2014

US Conservative Poll Has Interesting Take Aways.

From would-be presidents to supreme court justices and media figures, some 85 US Conservatives were rated by right wing blogs.  There are a few saints (Scott Walker, Clarence Thomas, Thomas Sowell)  much admired and no negatives.   While George W is widely admired, his brother Jeb is not. Others touted for president like Chris Christie, Mike Huckabee and Ron Paul have heavy negatives.  Mitt Romney, Jeb Bush and Donald Trump have love-hate splits.  In the mostly positive column are Ted Cruz, Rick Perry, Ben Carson,  Allen West, Paul Ryan and Marco Rubio.   The one presidential saint is Scott Walker of Wisconsin with no whisper of criticism from this group and esteemed.

 Least loved is Megan McCain and her Dad's not far behind although David Frum, Peter King, Graham Lindsey, Karl Rove and Arnold Schwarzenegger fill the space between.

A significant takeaway is the gap between support for Tea Party principles and lack of support for specific Tea Party groups presently in the public eye.  This is a big opportunity for someone to articulate the values and step forward as a unifier.

Also striking is the open-mindedness of the right.  The most highly regarded besides Governor Walker include women (Mia Love and Michelle Malkin) and three distinctive black Americans (Thomas, Sowell and West).

In the media, Glenn Reynolds, Thomas Sowell, Michelle Malkin, Mark Steyn and Drudge are saints but others like Charles Krauthammer, Dana Loesch, Michelle Malkin and the Limbaugh brothers are almost as shiny, being admired and having few scorners.

The Chamber of Commerce is mostly "blah" with negatives, not what the Left would expect. The dreaded "blah" zone includes a lot of people who may be distinctive for good and bad reasons but just haven't much public recognition.

The Supreme Court numbers are interesting. Antonin Scalia and Clarence Thomas are saints while John Roberts has a lot of negatives and Anthony Kennedy is a cipher.

I repackaged the numbers into a spreadsheet.  If you want a copy to search and graph, email me. The source poll from Right Wing News is based on data from 72 websites (which is a lot) but another 158 sites were contacted and didn't respond (which is also a lot.)

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