Friday, 5 December 2014

Yesterday's Woman: Hillary Clinton missed the wave.

CBS talks about Hillary's "Grandma Glow" and the Christian Science Monitor joins the chorus with
Will Grandma Hillary announce 2016 run?   The cruellest cut was Obama's "Voters are going to want that new car smell".  Who won't have heard and understood that by 2016?    She's been famous for being famous for some time and her one resume builder, "Secretary of State" is sinking as fast as the President's polls.
Grandma looks great.

The front bench for the Donkeys is looking thin. It's going to take a couple election cycles for the Democrat party to recover from the damage to their brand.  The talent  (which helped damage the brand during Obama's tenure) has been keeping off stage to make "victory" easy for Mrs. Clinton.  Now they regret it.   Seriously, their biggest accomplishments are the "Affordable" Care Act and Presidential overreach bypassing congress to dismantle the US border.  Both are justly unpopular with voters and provoking constitutional challenges from the states.

The Elephant bench looks like more fun, more like a party.  There's a lot of interest for the top spot.  Ask yourself which debate you'd rather watch, primaries for Republicans or for Democrats?  There's Tea Party and Texas,  Mormon turnaround expert and a libertarian,  Bush dynasty and Right to Work.  This is a party!   They went through having too many unfamiliar cooks competing to make the broth last time and went through letting the opposing team choose the moderators.  This time will be the charm with momentum, experience, and faces familiar to the public.

Behind scenes, compare Debbie Wasserman to Reince Preibus.  He is smart, pragmatic, and anchored.  She (I want to be President, too) is being squeezed to the margins.

Footnote: Despite the first paragraph, I'd be glad to have a wise leader over 75. As for cars, one broken in is better value than a shiny one fresh off the lot like Barry (Barack)'s.  I like a grandmotherly smile on Hillary's face.   The wave passed, however, and Hillary's votes are moving away.   

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