Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Paris Bombing Is Business As Usual For Islam's Ugliest.

I was torn with anger by the Charlie Hebdo slaughter but this is business as usual for the Allahu Akbar warrior types.  We don't pay attention until it hits close.  I had a wonderful holiday in Paris and enjoyed being on Parliament Hill in Ottawa, but will never see Gombe or Mlang.  Other news in the last seven days:

Thirty dead today in Sanaa,Yemen, from car bomb outside the police college.  Muslim on Muslim.
One officer blown up in Cairo yesterday as he tried to defuse bomb in the street. Muslim on Muslim.
Four more bombs in Egypt this week at theatre and a mall but no deaths.  Muslim on Muslim.
Two dead from bomb in the Mlang market in the Phillipines.  Muslim on Christian. (Nails added)
Body parts after bomb goes off in Nigerian church  (Gombe).  Muslim on Christian
Tanker bomb in Anbar near the Saudi border.  Muslim on Muslim.
"Miscreants exploded crude bomb" outside Dhaka newspaper in Bangladesh.  Muslim on Muslim.
Car bomb at checkpoint kills 13 in Nigeria along the Potiskum-Gombe road. Muslim on fellow citizens.
Car bomb in Mogadishu, Somalia, was aimed at security people.  Muslim on Muslim.
And, odd man out, a home made bomb went off outside a NAACP office in Colorado Springs today. No one was hurt and a person of interest is white.    May be White on Black.

Update January 8th.  Up to 2,000 killed as Boko Haram burns town in Nigeria.  Muslim on Christian and Muslim.
Kaboom in Cairo..
No Mercy.

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