Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Hillary's Email: Forget The Gotcha. Even GMail Better Than This Security Nightmare.

From Geekwire:  Hillary having a homebrew server for all her State business is like "the CFO of Chase taking billions of dollars in cash home and storing it in the mattress". ...We have no choice but to assume that this server has been compromised by foreign intelligence agents".   She was almost the highest target out there.  America's enemies have the funds and motivation to hire the best of the best to go after her. Count on it.
With these glasses on, no one will
recognize me.
A “homebrew” server was the worst possible choice. Even using a webmail system like Gmail, Outlook or Yahoo would have been better because those companies have the expertise and capability to meet at least some of the threat this class of information would face.

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  1. Perfect description of this being a "homebrew" - in keeping with this meme lets also go with moonshine (prohibition) and hot mess (pile of bs). Cheers.