Tuesday, 10 March 2015

You can't blame the government for everything: The High Cost Of Housing

Sure the government meddles to raise the price of shelter, starting with zoning bylaws that make it illegal to build a single family house under 1000 sq ft.  But how do you explain that houses have been getting bigger and bigger while families get smaller and smaller? A little chart tells all.  In my work I often see roofs over 4000 square feet that cover just one bedroom and a flex den for a retired couple.

Humility can save hundreds of thousands.  If your house were 10 or 20% smaller, would you lose anything important? Does your master bedroom need to be 15 feet wide with double doors, bay windows, a balcony, and a view of the great room for you to have a good night’s sleep? Does a two storey 3-way vaulted living room with sunken floor, Roman columns and a 16 foot high arched window improve your family life?

If there's another rule, it is this: Get along with your spouse.  If you don't need to show off and blow your horn, the place you already have may be enough. Touch up with TLC.

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