Sunday, 28 June 2015

China got what it came for. They'll be back just for dessert.

China got the mother lode with stolen US OPM data.    Updates will be handy but life files on the entire US government are complete enough to drill down for high-placed workers to target.   95% of what they could possibly want, they already have.   “We won’t see another massive attack like this. Instead, it will be more targeted ones” (Tony Cole)    Article at The Hill.

Is there an ideal outcome?
More paper files in safes and fewer in digital links ... will help.  (If you're thinking of the federal election this fall in Canada, be glad for paper ballots instead of hackable digitry.)
Further down the road I see less privacy. It gets harder and harder to keep secrets.
Returning the hacking favour to let putative enemies know you know what they know ---is a good outcome.  An efficient market in information will be a more competitive one.
Scary but makes sense.

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