Friday, 31 July 2015

The Government America Deserves: The Donald Is A Better Fit Than Hillary Or Jeb

This is about democracy, not wisdom and it's no contest that a brash loudmouth with brains, money and bling is more  appealing to Americans than wussified slates of politicians. When I saw this video of two giggling black ladies telling us not to dump on Trump, I knew that if he wins the GOP convention, for better or worse America will have "President Trump" because he'll capture chunks of the Democrat's tame electorate.
Who should be number one?  An aristocrat or the common man, a plutocrat or an Ivy League lawyer, anyone who can get a majority of votes or the descendents of past rulers? (Bush, Clinton and Queen Elizabeth).   Democracy will always be gamed by strong players but even without them, democracy will just deliver the kind of government you deserve to get.  You may not like it but any political mechanism that forces an orderly recreation of the leadership is better than all the alternatives.

And today from Breitbart:
"Donald Trump, culturally speaking, a terrific fit for black America. Blacks seem to identify with Trump’s swagger: they put him in enough rap songs, after all. He’s got hip-hop cred and defiant charisma the dreary Obama could never hope to match."

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