Tuesday, 4 August 2015

97% sure we are wrecking the world with C02 - NOT

Hold your nose.  There's no 97% consensus.  That's the kind of vote Saddam Hussein got in old Iraq (99.6%) and Barack Hussein Obama got in some Philadelphia precincts (100%) where not one Romney vote was registered. The 97% puffery is coming from the smelly end of the IPCC beast.

Two observations:
1.  (Hat tip to smalldeadanimals):  Since 31,000 scientists signed a petition to "Urge the United States government to reject the global warming agreement" and since all but 3% of scientists agree about a global warming crisis, then somewhere there must be 970,000 scientists backing the global warming consensus.   They're missing and in fact there are but 2500 scientists that the IPCC claims to speak for.

2.   When you drill down to see how those 2500 got on the record, this appalling information emerges:
"While a total of 2,500 (or some similar number) scientists participate in some way in the writing or review of its reports, the IPCC’s working group responsible for assessing the causes of climate change and its future trajectory consists of only about 600 scientists, and many of those are activists working for environmental interest groups. For the Fourth Assessment Report, only 62 were responsible for reviewing the chapter that attributed climate change to man-made greenhouse gas emissions, with 55 of those being known advocates of the theory of man-made global warming. Of the seven impartial reviewers, two disagreed with the statement, leaving only five credible scientific reviewers who unequivocally endorse the IPCC’s conclusion, a far cry from 2,500."

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